Give Yourself a Fall Faith Lift

He gives a fresh start to those who are ready to quit.” (Ps 145:14, MSG)

No doubt my favorite time of year is Autumn. I’m a bit prejudice, but there is no place on the earth like Autumn in New England. It is hard to articulate what it is like to drive miles and miles and see nothing but vivid red, orange, gold and yellow. Absolutely breathtaking! I will never tire of it - never.

Another reason why I love Autumn is, for some reason, it feels like another January in the sense that it is a time of new beginnings and a fresh start. I love how Psalm 145:14 expressed it in the Message Bible. “He gives a fresh start to those who are ready to quit.

Maybe that is how you feel today - ready to quit. I’ve been there a few times myself and it is no fun. That is what makes this a perfect time to give yourself a fall faith lift. Because of the pressures of life, challenging circumstances, opposition and hard times, our faith sometimes leaks. One of the definitions of the word leak is “an unintended escape.” We don’t intend for our faith to wane or diminish but anytime there is a leak, there is going to be “less.”

Our most important journey in life is our journey of faith. Our faith life is so critical that Hebrews 11:6 says without it, it is impossible to please God. Hebrew 10:38 tell us that the just live by faith and I John 5:4 says faith is the victory that overcomes the world.

We are saved by faith, we love each other by faith, we forgive by faith, we are healed by faith, we obey God by faith, we pray in faith, we give by faith, we raise our kids by faith, we serve God by faith and we fulfill our destiny by faith. Everything in God’s kingdom is activated and accessed by faith. Luke 18:8 even tells us that when Jesus returns, He is going to be looking for faith. This is a big deal to God and should be to us as well.

The Bible is full of real stories about real people who had a faith encounter with God.. Our developing in faith does take time. It is a process. Faith is not a rabbit’s foot, genie’s lamp or a lottery ticket. Faith is believing that God’s Word is true no matter what any other information source may reveal. Faith is a lifestyle and growing in God takes time.

How do we give our faith a lift? Let us break this down and make it real simple.

  1. Feed yourself a steady diet of God’s Word.

It all begins by making a commitment to the Word of God. Not just a verse a day or a declaration once a day but a quality decision, a deep heart commitment to be a student of the Word. When you are committed to something, you will do it regardless of how you feel. God’s Word has to be in our hearts in abundance just to overcome the natural circumstances of life.

Always remember that our faith can rise no higher than our Word level in any given area.

Jonathan and I have made it our lifestyle to wake up to God’s Word, get dressed listening to the Word, cook and clean with the Word, go to work with the Word, clean the house with the Word, put babies to bed to the Word and go to bed listening to the Word. Keep your heart and your home filled and flooded with God Himself - His Word.

2. Remember That Faith Is Always In Two Places - your heart and in your mouth.

Romans 10:8-10 tell us that with the heart man believes and with the mouth confession is made…

First, we must hear the word of God, then we believe it in our heart (not our head) and then we speak it out of our mouth. This is how our faith works - we hear God’s word, believe it in our heart and then speak it out of our mouth. So many are defeated because they hear, believe and then speak words contrary to what God has said. This is what short circuits our faith. We must agree with what God has already said, believe it and speak it.

Faith is always in two places - in the heart and coming out of the mouth.

3. Keep The Faith Pressure On

It is so vital that we keep ourselves in an environment of faith. That doesn’t happen watching soap operas all day, gossiping on the phone or vegging out on the internet half the day. One of the ways we keep the faith pressure on is by words spoken in faith. Constant pressure of the spoken Word will always bring desired results.

Don’t grow weary. Don’t stop. Press in with the Word of God. The enemy will try to put the pressure on you, “See - nothing is working for you - nothing is changing - you are wasting your time.” But you can turn that around and put pressure on the circumstances by speaking God’s Word. Agree with Him and say what He says.

Faith is always in two places - in the heart and coming out of the mouth.

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Pick up your shield of faith today and keep it up and you will be able to continually quench all the darts of the evil one. (Eph 6:16) Keep the faith pressure on by walking in love, avoid being offended, stay sweet and be a blessing to people every chance you get. As we enter this season, take the time to be refreshed and give your faith a lift. Not only will you feel the difference, but everyone else will notice the change in you!