Six Ways to Take Your Marriage to the Next Level

What happens under the roof of your home, and within those walls, is the true measure of your success and accomplishments.

It is not enough to say that our marriages are important. If our marriages are going to be our #1 priority, which they should be (next to our relationship with Jesus) then we are going to have to make it happen.

I think we would all agree that our marriages deserve top priority, however, somehow work, hobbies, computers, cell phones, television, friends and even children can take preeminence over our relationship with our spouse.

Contrary to today’s culture, the true riches in life are not money, title, position or climbing the ladder of success. The true riches in life are what happens within the walls of your home with those people who you live with.

Giving your marriage top priority doesn’t mean you give up your job, hobbies or friends, but it does require you to “walk the talk” and let your life reflect the value of your marriage. After all, we all know that a person takes very good care of what they value.

Everything in life is temporary. Your profession, your title, your career, all the accolades and pats on your back will pass away but the role and influence you have in your marriage and family will never end and can never be replaced.

What happens under the roof of your home is the true measure of your success and accomplishments.

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Any marriage can change, but all marriages require hard work. The things that matter most should never be at the expense of things that matter least. Here are six simple ground rules Jonathan and I have come up with and we do our best to live these out. Even after decades of marriage, we are still working these out.

1. Listen Up!

It is so easy to react to a situation when we don’t have all the facts. We usually don’t have the facts because we are talking and writing the end of our own story before we have even heard the the real story. Discipline yourself to stop and look at your spouse when they are talking to you, and listen up without forming your response in your head. If you are forming your response while your spouse is talking, you aren’t really listening.

2. Grow Up!

Don’t allow selfishness and immaturity to dominate your relationship because it will take over if you let it. You don’t always have to have your own way or only go where you want to go. Pouting and giving the silent treatment is so immature. Your marriage will be so much enjoyable when you work on maturing in your character. Character is everything. Immerse yourself in Galatians 5:22, 23.

3. Double Up!

It is good to live in the double up zone. What’s the double up zone you ask? Double your prayer time, double up serving each other, double up on your love walk, double up on talking with your children, double your giving, double your reading of God’s Word, double your confession of God’s Word, double up your love walk, double up on forgiveness! It is so great to live in the double and the rewards are amazing!

4. Wise-Up!

Someone said that if we all just did what we know, we would all be skinny, rich and happy! Unfortunately, we don’t do what we know, we do what we feel like doing. We cannot afford to let our emotions rule because they will always lead us down the wrong path. You don’t have to be right all the time, but you do need to do what is right all the time.

Pro. 1:5…..let wisdom steer your course rightly.

5. Let -Up!

Sometimes you just need to give each other a break! Life can get intense but you don’t have to join in. We can be hard on each other and trying to prove a point and win an argument. During these seasons, and we all have them, we need to be as intentional as possible not to let the challenge of the moment cause us to lash out at each other. The “squeeze” of life comes to us all but what comes out of us in these seasons really shows us the real us.

6. Lighten Up!

Lighten up and have some fun. We all need to lighten up and enjoy all the seasons of life. Be grateful for what you have. Enjoy family and friends. Be captivated by the simple pleasures of life. Laugh as often as you can! Laugh loud and hard! Have fun and don’t take yourself so seriously. Even the challenging seasons of life can be light if you make a choice to lighten up. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Live in His joy and you will have strength for every season.

Everyone has a different definition of success in life. My definition has always been, success is obeying God in the assignments He has given you and success is when the people you live with love you and want to be with you, That’s what I call a win!