Exceptional vs Ordinary

You've heard it said, "We are all born originals but most of us die copies." (John Mason)

Why is that? Frankly, it's a lot easier being a copy. Blending in, acting and thinking like everybody else. One of the keys to the journey to exceptional is exposure. In fact, I’m convinced exposure may be the key to everything.

Most people will never reach their full potential because they have never been exposed to other options. Until you been exposed to other options than what you are familiar with, you are destined to think like you've always thought and have what you've always had.

Verna and I have learned, that one of the greatest breakthroughs in our life and ministry came when God took us out of our very small, close minded world, and exposed us to a bigger one. That exposure had such a profound impact on us, that it began to produce the very DNA out from which International Family Church was birthed.

Please listen very carefully to what I'm about to say:

You are much more than you think you are.

I'm not suggesting that who you are is inferior, on the contrary. Who you presently are is simply a sum total of what you've been exposed to— sometimes that ends up being good and sometimes not so good—but whoever you are and wherever you are... There is more! I know God has more in store for you!

God has destined you to other levels and dimensions in Him but you have to first be willing to be exposed to those other levels and dimensions. So many people, good people, aren't willing to be exposed to something different, so they are destined to remain where they are.

Every breakthrough in my life has come with a revelation I did not know. So for me to live at another level, I have to have insight, understanding, and exposure of another level. I have to see what I haven’t seen.

I was told 30 years ago that as a white man that I would not be able to pastor a black man. That was somebody else's revelation that I did not receive because God had already exposed my thoughts to a different level of thinking. Today I am honored to pastor a church with some 60 different nations represented.

There's a big difference between exceptional and ordinary. I believe in the church at large in America there is an abundance of ordinary. The problem with ordinary is all the pressure that is attached to it to remain that way—to stay ordinary.

Ordinary means lacking special distinction, rank or status, commonly encountered, average.

People who know they can be exceptional will forfeit exceptional and be ordinary just so they can be accepted and have friends.

Ordinary is a very comfortable place to be if you are looking to live an average life.

Exceptional people are rare because the root word is "except." Everyone except him. Everyone except her. Few want to be the exception. Everyone has a bad attitude except you. So many stopped believing... Quit... Got offended...ORDINARY!

Exceptional means surpassing what is common or usual or expected.

Exceptional takes you to greatness, but that road is definitely a road less traveled. Anyone that God has ever used in a great way, whether in the Bible, throughout history or even today, had to choose to travel down a narrow less popular road versus the broad more popular road.

The problem with ordinary is that it is the easiest most traveled road. Its comfortable and people like to be comfortable.

It has been said the most prominent aspect about ordinary is that:

Nobody writes about ordinary.
Nobody talks about ordinary.
Nobody honors ordinary.
Nobody celebrates ordinary.
Nobody remembers ordinary.

Ordinary is a very comfortable place to be if you are looking to live an average life.

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Ordinary just blends into a sea of bland vanilla living. Just ordinary. The only thing you have to do to not be exceptional is just be ordinary.

One of the strongholds to ordinary is indifference.
"Who cares", "so what", "whatever."

For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them. - Proverbs 1:32 NIV

Indifference is a huge destructive influence in people’s lives.

The word indifference is defined:
That which is looked upon as not mattering one way or another, that which is regarded as being of no significant importance or value.

Because of indifference, so many people settle for a life that is average when exceptional is waiting for them. Many never learn to care deeply about anything worthwhile because they are living in the quicksand of indifference. God opportunities are missed and never realized!

God can't use people who don't care!

When God's Word comes alive in your heart, there's always hope for something better and greater in your life, There is better for your marriage, better for your family, better for your career, better for your relationships, and outlook on life. Never give up and settle.

There is never ever any excuse for apathy, indifference or complacency in the Kingdom of God.

You were born for something special. We are told that the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why.

Never be indifferent about your destiny! The day you become indifferent about God's purpose for your life, the day you don't care anymore, is the day you start settling for things that pale in comparison to God's unique plan for your life.

The good news is there are people who don't want to be ordinary. They want to be exceptional. They are all around us. They want to be exceptional people, an exceptional follower of Christ, exceptional spouse, parent, grandparent, friend, exceptional giver, lover of people and leader.

Make up your mind now, I am committed to be exceptional. I will love my life, surpassing what is common or usual or expected, for the honor and glory of God.

Next week Part 2:  4 Things I Know About Exceptional People