Don't Drop the Dream

Dreams….we all have them. Some are crystal clear, some are blurry and some are buried, but deep inside there is a call, a divine sense of purpose, that pulls on all of us. Some dreams have died, or been dropped because of life’s circumstances but it is time to pick them back up and see them through to fulfillment and completion.

Our dreams are bigger than we are. Every dream God puts in our hearts are not just for us. There are people attached to every dream, even if your dream seems very natural like a new car, a new home or another job. You can be sure there is someone who is going to need a ride, or there is a neighbor who needs Jesus or there is someone at that new job waiting for the peace you have. We are the channels God uses, even with what seems like very natural desires.

I don’t know what it is, but I don’t ever remember a time, like we are in, where people are dropping their dreams and giving up on them. You can hear it in the way people talk, and in the way they criticize other’s dreams. You can see it in their eyes, in their posture, and on their countenance. Just barely getting through another day. Sigh.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. - Proverbs 13:12 (NLT) Deferred means to postpone, delay or suspend. Fulfill means to finish or complete.

There is an enemy and he will do everything he can to get you to drop the dream in your heart. He will try to divert your attention to the point that your faith is deflated and you cannot see any way out of where you presently are. He will try to cause your emotions to rule and to reign instead of you being led by your spirit. He will do anything and use anything to get you to drop the dream.

When we focus more on the circumstances than what God has said, we will be drawn to discouragement and drop the dream. Don’t drop the dream! When we stop pursuing our dreams, a little piece of us dies and we become disheartened. Pursuing our dreams puts the zip back in our step! It is what gets us out of bed in the morning and its what puts meaning into every minute of the day.

Without a dream, we are reduced to a “needs only” life. The enemy wants you to stay stuck where you are - hopeless, devastated and offended. He wants you stuck because you don’t have money, or a job. He wants you trapped by the economy or sickness. The enemy doesn’t want you to get to the place where you ask, “Is this all there is?”

If you will ask that question, you will get a resounding response from the Creator and He will tell you there is more- so much more!” God wants His dream to become your dream because it is part of His great plan that needs to be carried out here on the earth. He needs you to dream!

God’s dream will always be bigger than ours and the great thing is that we don’t have to make it come to pass, we just need to cooperate with Him. While He is moving on you with His dream, He is moving on others too. He is orchestrating divine connections, relationships, and favor to bring divine results.

Here are a few personal nuggets I have learned that I have to keep reviewing.

1. Get over yourself!

The only place a dream becomes impossible is in your thinking.

2. Set aside time to dream.

We have to get quiet to hear.

3. When you can’t “hear” God, read God.

I guarantee you will start hearing again if you go back to reading the Bible and what He has already said.

4. Write the vision.

Write the vision - make it plain so you can run with it! -  Habakkuk 2:2-4
When times get tough, and they will, go back and read what God said to you.

5. Remember that time is your friend.

Most people look at time as the enemy, but time is one of your best friends. It gives you the opportunity to pray, prepare and grow.

6. Have a trusted prayer partner.

Don’t be telling everyone your business. That is reckless but you should have one or two seasoned trusted prayer partners that you can share your dream with. It will keep you accountable.

7. Plan a party!

A party? Yes! Celebrate when the dream comes to pass. Party!

8. Then, dream again!

In reality, most people are waiting on God, but the truth of the matter is that God is waiting on you. It’s your move.

“You will never leave where you are, until you see where you would rather be.” - Unknown