Fight For Your Family

It is obvious that the attack of the enemy in the 21st century is on the home. The values that we cherish and the godly principles that we have dedicated ourselves to are worth fighting for.

If we want to win our families to God, it all starts by standing up and fighting for them! Drawing the line in the sand saying, “No more devil! Enough is enough!”

Think about this for a moment.

  • Do you want to be right or reconciled?

  • Do you want to continue being hurt or do you want to be healed?

  • Do you want to keep being the victim or start becoming whole?

If you’ll fight for your family God will fight for you.
If you’ll fight for your freedom God will fight for you. 

Below is a passionate message that I recently shared with our congregation on this subject.

Verna and I are standing together with you for your freedom and for victory for your family.