The Power of A Mission

As New Englanders, Verna and I enjoy having four distinct seasons; winter, spring, summer and fall. Each one is unique and enjoyable. As pastors, we also enjoy each church season that comes and September is one of those seasons. It’s a great time to reconnect after a busy summer and focus the church and your team back on the mission. It is another fresh start.

Not too long ago, I did just that. I stood before hundreds of our Dream Team volunteers and said, “I want you to understand, without a shadow of a doubt, that what you do every time you serve is a very big deal.” I then had them all declare these next four statements out loud.

  • “What I do is a big deal!”
  • “I can't believe I get to do this!”
  • “This is what I was made for!”
  • “It's a privilege to do what I do!”

I wanted our teams to boldly declare these powerful statements because I have met people from all walks of life who work at every kind of job you can imagine. These jobs range from minimum wage jobs to high-level, high-paying jobs, and everything in between, however, few feel like they are making a difference or even question if what they are doing brings personal fulfillment or adds significance to others.

They freely admit that their secular vocation does not offer enough meaning to satisfy the deeper needs that stir in their souls… That is until they become a part of a team.

Every Sunday I am honored to serve with a group of dedicated people that are being used by God in ways they never imagined. People that have discovered and developed gifts they didn't know they had. Individuals who have courageously said “yes” to new levels of Kingdom responsibility that brings them great satisfaction and joy.

And here’s what I love, after an exhausting Sunday, I get to see the look on their faces when they realize God has used them to touch another human being. Because of their service, lives were encouraged and transformed and when the realization of that comes alive in their hearts, they begin to believe… What I do is a big deal! I can't believe I get to do this! This is what I was made for! It's a privilege to do what I do!

This is the reason why I never feel guilty recruiting and encouraging people to be apart of a team! Never! And neither should you.

When the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes decided to determine his purpose in life, he started by accumulating a vast sum of money, only to discover that it didn’t provide the meaning he had hoped for. Then he sought power, achieved it, and discovered that it also failed to satisfy. Next came a disgraceful pursuit of pleasure, followed by fame and celebrity and finally, at the end of all his efforts, he uttered his famous words: “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.” Or as another translation says, “All of this is like chasing the wind.” The bottom line, we are not created to chase the wind.

We are created to join God on a mission. Some people think God is hanging around somewhere in the universe listening to  worship music as angels strum their harps.

The Bible teaches that God is at work 24/7 all over the world, filling His family with grace, mercy and love to restore and redeem this shattered world.

God calls us to roll up our sleeves, vacate our comfort zone and join Him with our talent, time, money, and our passion. He wants His mission to become ours and He is counting on us to get the job done.  

How good do you think it would feel to lay your head on your pillow tonight and say, “You know what I did today? I teamed up with God to change the world!” Could there be any greater fulfillment?

The desire to be a world-changer is planted in the heart of every human being, and that desire comes directly from the heart of God. We can suffocate that desire in selfishness, ignore it with the deafening volume of opposing demands, or bypass it on the fast track to personal accolades but we will never never silence the gnawing awareness that only God’s mission will satisfy. Whenever we wonder if the daily nine-to-five routine or our round-the-clock parenting tasks are all there is to life, that divine desire nudges us. Nothing else will ever satisfy. We are created to join God on a mission.

Whenever we feel restless and unsatisfied, the desire whispers in our soul. Whenever we wonder what a life of real purpose would feel like, the desire calls us to something more. We are created to join God on a mission.

Jesus made it pretty clear what God’s idea of a transformed world would look like:

When He said we should love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves, He was calling us to trade a dead religion for a genuine love relationship with a living God.

When He said, “Take up your cross and follow me,” He was telling us in no uncertain terms, that following Him would require loyalty, sacrifice, and death to something selfish inside of us but the rewards would be great.

When He said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel, baptizing in my name and telling people all that you have heard from me,” He was making it clear that His will for us includes reaching a wide range of people from all over the world - from our neighborhoods to the nations..

International Family Church would not exist without the hundreds of hours given each month by each one of our fired-up Dream Teamers. There’s not enough money in our church bank accounts to pay for all the good deeds, good works, acts of love and service desperately needing to be done every Sunday in the Name of God.

Remind your teams this fall, whether God has blessed them with forty hours a week of discretionary time, or whether they can barely snatch ninety minutes a month from their overloaded schedules, that they have the potential to make a difference in somebody’s life. Please believe and say…

  • “What I do is a big deal!”
  • “I can't believe I get to do this!”
  • “This is what I was made for!”
  • “It's a privilege to do what I do!”

Verna and I are believing with you for the greatest harvest of transformed lives that you have ever experienced in the history of your ministries and businesses. Get a fresh start this Fall and remind your teams how important they are to the plan of God on the earth and they will experience the power of a mission.