The Power of the Palm Tree

We are currently on vacation in sunny Florida and we seemed to have missed two sizable snowstorms. We heard from our family, and yesterday’s storm alone left 31” of snow. That’s a lot of snow even for this die-hard New Englander.

While my family and church are digging out, I’m surrounded by gorgeous palm trees. I relax as soon as I see them. We have lots of beautiful trees all over New England, but no palm trees anywhere to be found.

The Bible has a lot to say about palm trees and that we should be like them. But why? Psalm 92:12 (NIRV) tells us that good people shall flourish and prosper like a palm tree.

The Palm Tree and the Storm

What is so unique about a palm tree and why is it mentioned so often in the Scriptures?

One of the most prominent characteristics of the palm tree is its ability to withstand storms.

All of us encounter storms in life. Often times they seem to come out of nowhere and last way too long. We can’t always anticipate them nor can we avoid them.

Sometimes storms can arise from the people we would least expect and this can really knock the wind out of us but like the palm tree in a storm, we return to our original position and continue to provide shade and rest for others.

You see, the palm tree is designed to bend in the storm, and at times can get very low and in a horizontal position parallel to the ground but it returns to its original position and stature when the storm is over. I have even read that the palm tree can actually be stronger after the storm because of the resistance it uses against the force of the wind.

This is such a great picture of how God made us long-lived, stately, upright, useful, and fruitful as is stated in Psalm 92:12 (AMPC).

God is not the source of storms, for if He was, Jesus would have been in rebellion to His Father by speaking peace to the storm and commanding it to be still, but none of us are exempt. He promised He would never leave us or relax His hold on us. As long as we are in His boat, we are going to the other side no matter how strong the winds blow.

Today, you may find yourself in the middle of an intense storm. It could be a family, finance, health or a career storm. No matter how strong the wind is blowing, you may bend but you won’t break as long as you are rooted and established in Him.

God made you like the palm tree and you are well able to withstand the intensity of the storms of life. You will get back up and be stronger than before!